918kiss kiosk

How is 918kiss kiosk work?

The kiosk is a system where casino owner’s to create ID, credit points, debit points for their members.

What is in the kiosk system there can view the points, game log, with all the time and details. Likewise, all the spins and amount and the image is actually captured into the kiosk system. Therefore, those who interested to become the business partner or agent of 918kiss game, you may get the kiosk system and start to invite member to play with real money.

918Kiss kiosk login
918kiss Kiosk Login

This is the login page of the kiosk system. There are few languages available like chinese, engish, thailand, vietnam and korea.

The username and password is generate by our official site main system and distribute to our affiliate online casino. As a result, if you have forgot the password, then you can submit to our 918kiss support to request password reset.

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Important Steps To Use 918Kiss Kiosk System

1-Login with the username and password given by 918kiss.me

2-Do not edit/add points without member request

3-Points will have a loyalty’s fee, it’s not free of use like giving free credit to member.

4-Only withdraw members point upon request to avoid any dispute.

5-You are able to check the game log on what the members play in 918kiss mobile slot

Use VPN to login the system

Due to some sensitivity page info. Threfore, online casino are advisable to use VPN when logging in to the kiosk. However. there are a few VPN companies which you may subscribe. You may choose any of the service provider that suits your need. However, you are advisable to use the service that’s with dedicated IP. The countries that available for dedicated IP you may choose from US, AUS or EUROPE. Lastly, start market your business and distribute the points to your members! You’re DONE!