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918kiss partner, the Slot games is one of the great entertainment tools for peoples. Player may spend time during their leisure or free time. Despite sending out many tips on how to identify certified partner. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of scam cases happening everyday.

There are many procedures to go through for applying a certificate, it might take up for 3 months for approval. If any of the casino failed to meet our requirements, we will not issue our certificate. Moreover, certificate validity is one year and will need to renew yearly basis.

We carefully handpick and issued certificate to the trusted and genuine online casino. Please do only deposit with the trusted company that certified by 918kiss.me

918kiss Certified Partner
918kiss Certified Partner

918kiss Premier Partner

First of all, there are really a handful of 918kiss Certified Premier Partner. In Malaysia, there’s only one Online Casino holding our Premiership.

With the long partnership and the insurance. They have bought RM1,000,000 with us, we decided to award them our 918kiss Partner certificate.

918kiss casino
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Simply because is we do not want 918kiss players to get disappointed. In the event of getting scam or not paid when come to withdrawal. UWIN33 premier partner is having a excellent record with us. A 100% payout with no delay. Besides, if we received complaint on dispute of this company, we will go through a chronology of event. To investigate what’s the real scenario.

Example, if UWIN33 casino 918kiss premier partner refuse to pay the winning. We will conduct an in depth checking, if we have evidence confirming that failed by our Premier Partner.

Our company, we will hold the responsibility and pay the full amount to our users. That’s the indemnity insurance come in to picture. Besides, we will revoke their certificate partnership and stop them from using our products in their online casino.

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Important when play 918kiss Partner

Please note that 918kiss is just an gaming app. If there any promotion and turnover requirement, is solely based on the online casino partner discretion. whether it’s a 918kiss partner, please go through the T&C.

Similarly, you will need to read carefully on their terms and conditions. Before, making any deposit to them, to avoid any unnecessary unhappiness. You may register yourself with our certified partner and play with peace of mind!