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Company Overview – 918 Kiss Slot Game App

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918kiss Slot Game App was developed by a small group of 5 Malaysia university students in the year 2013 for their final year project. The team leader of the project was named Vincent Tan at the age of 20.

The idea of developing this app is just for their project in the university and also for leisure and entertainment purpose. One of the criteria in the final year project is that the app developer has to be uploaded in the google play store or apple store.

After just a few days available in both Apple and Google store, the app download volume was breakthrough 1,000,000 numbers of download. With the overnight success, the development team of 5 was shocked and did not expect this to happen. Their purpose is just for the “homework” and giving fun to university students and friends to play during their leisure time.

The Road To Success of 918kiss APK Free Download

The initial name of the slot game app name was known as SCR888 and was rebrand to 918kiss in the year 2017. Today, 918kiss is the largest and the most popular mobile slot game in Asia especially in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Australia.

The overnight success is not only because of the luck, but they’re also are a lot of factors, example the slot games in the 918kiss app is very unique and fun compared to the conventional type of slot games. It’s the revolution of slot games industry! The user-friendliness and smooth interface, the gaming experience is the key for 918kiss to success!

918kiss App Value

The latest estimated value of the APP is now worth RM500mil in view of the number of users and popularity. Slot game genting casino is offering RM400mil to acquire 918kiss APP but the management rejected the offer, as they believed the offer was underestimated and they also no intention to sell.

The Management Team of 918kiss APK Download for Android

Project Team leader, Vincent Tan is now the CEO of 918kiss.me he’s a programmer and also the key person in the company. The company is now having more than 2,000 employees worldwide. The profit of the company grew steadily along the years and in the year 2018, they managed to bag RM50mil net profit after tax.


With the fast-growing and experience in this gaming app development, we are going to introduce our products to the western country in Europe and also America. Our vision is the be the best and most popular Mobile Slot Apps in the world.